Is There School Today And Tomorrow in Nigeria? School Resumption Date

Is there school today in Nigeria? Is there school tomorrow in Nigeria? When are schools going to resume in Nigeria? These are questions that every student in Nigeria has been asking lately in view of the recent development concerning schools in Nigeria starting from the University level to the Secondary school level, Primary school level and down to nursery schools.

This article is going to focus on providing answers to all the “is there school today and tomorrow in Nigeria” and “when is school resuming in Nigeria” related questions.

Why The Question Arises?

All the school related question arises because the federal government of Nigeria has passed the law for all schools in Nigeria to close down starting from the University to the Nursery level immediately.

So, because of that, many persons has been searching online to actually confirm if the closing of schools is really in effect as mentioned by the Federal Government.

Now that we know why the “Is there school today in Nigeria?” and “Is there school tomorrow in Nigeria?” question came about, let us now answer the questions.

Is there school today in Nigeria? NO. No school in Nigeria will be opening up today.

Is there school tomorrow in Nigeria? No. There won’t be any school opening tomorrow for academic activities.

When will schools open or resume? Schools in Nigeria will open and resume academic activities as soon the corona virus pandemic is contained in Nigeria and the federal government has declared it safe. Until then, please follow directives and instructions coming from governmental authorities.

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