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As part of efforts to curtail the global coronavirus pandemic ravaging businesses in the country, the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) has said it is developing a framework to reform the healthcare sector with a combination of tentative, measured and unmeasured initiatives.

The Director-General, Bureau of Public Enterprises, Alex Okoh, said the primary goal and responsibility of government is next to preserving the lives of citizens and to preserve the lives in good health.

Okoh, who spoke in Lagos, said the reform is done through the provision of universal access to decent and comprehensive healthcare delivery system at little or no cost to the citizen.



In his words: “We have all got to be thinking of what we can do in the event that this pandemic egregiously fractures the supply chain of the physical essentials of life and living; food, water, medicine and electricity.

“It is my hope that the providers of some of our utilities will show good faith and sensitivity in this situation, by not cutting supply of electricity and telecommunications services. I hope our hospitals also extend humane gestures at this time to critical cases that may be financially constrained.

“I am mobilizing both officially and privately to enable a support structure of a supply chain to ensure that basic requirements are delivered to some of the vulnerable groups in my locality, should the situation escalate to such a level.”

According to him, this is a crisis that requires the resolve of all Nigerians acting in concert. It is not a time for political posturing or blame gaming.

Indeed, it is becoming quite clear that the notion that certain regions will be spared the scourge of this deadly pestilence is an abject fallacy. The world is a mobile village, and in a vibrant and dynamic village, the velocity of interactions suggest that experiences are easily and rapidly projected and transferred across the community albeit a global one.

“We are beginning to find out that the matter is closer than we think or would wish.

“We rise to beat this thing together or we will experience such a defeat that leaves no one unscathed no matter how remotely,” he added.



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