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If you ask 20 college students who plan to work in the Police force what they were studying in College, the odds will be half of them is studying criminology and the other half is studying criminal justice. The two of them should be distinguished, in spite of the fact they are both related.

Difference Between Criminal Justice degree and Criminology degree

Criminal justice degree is a degree which helps in detecting, detaining, trying and punishing crimes and criminals. Criminology degree is the study of crime and its roots, charges, and consequences. Individuals who study criminal justice degree actually learn about all the different modules and internal workings of the system.

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Basic Components of Criminal Justice degree System

Criminal justice degree have three basic components: law enforcement agency, courts, and corrections. They work hand in hand to avert and penalize deviant behavior.

  • Law Enforcement Agency: This role is perhaps the most visible. The police are typically the first contact a criminal has with in the criminal justice system. Police patrol across societies to help check crimes, to inspect incidences of crime, and to detain people alleged of committing crimes. Criminals enter the courts’ system after they’ve been in detention.
  • Courts System: The courts’ system comprises attorneys, a panel of judges, and juries, as well as ancillary staff. The innocence or guilt of a suspect is determined in court. The suspected person, now a defendant, is giving the chance to defend himself in court as evidence is presented. He is then either free or is found to have committed the suspected crime. If he’s found guilty, the suspected person receives a verdict or penalty based on standards set by the magistrate and by statute. The offender is handed over to the corrections system after pronouncing judgment.
  • Corrections System: The corrections system handles all forms of sentencing and punishment. Which includes imprisonment and trial.

Places Where Someone With A Criminal Justice Degree Can Work:

1. Correction Officer: Many Rehabilitation centers are looking for qualified graduates with criminal justice degree that they can employ to convict criminals and put them on probation.

2. Detective Police: They can help in securing government outfit or other licensed private security company in their country.

3. Immigration Officer: A criminal justice degree graduate can work in Customs to help check contraband coming and going out of the country.

4. Cybercrime inspector: With the geometrical increase of cybercrime among people across the globe. They are highly needed to secure intellectual properties in the online sphere.

5. Legal practices: They have a very vital role they play in law practices and they are needed in every area of the societies – from family, corporate and commercial etc.

6.Teacher(s): Someone who has a criminal justice degree might decide to take a career in the Academic world.

By now we have been able to get an indept knowledge. Let’s know the Universities that offer Criminal Justice degree for undergraduates.

List Of Universities To Study For Criminal Justice Degree

Given that price and worth are often equally important factors one has to consider in searching for a college to attain an undergraduate degree.

From this compilation of schools, we have sorted the schools by their net price after deduction and kept only the cheapest 10. “Net Price” is a combination of prospective costs and savings while you are in school, from scholarships and loans to tuition expenses and miscellaneous fees. The actual amount you will pay to attend any one of these schools may vary and their price.

1. CUNY John Jay College

This College offers a multiple track criminal justice program that enables students to major in Crime Control and Prevention and Criminal Justice Administration. Students must take 24 credits of core requirements, ranging from Criminology to Constitutional Law. An inexpensive criminal justice degree from CUNY is a prodigious way to build specialization if you must spark a successful career in criminal justice.

Net Price: $5,552/yr.

2. University of Arkansas Fort Smith

This is an excellent choice for students considering to pursue a public service career in law enforcement, criminal investigation, social work, business, or legal advocacy. Students also have various opportunities for an internship. Where they meet professionals and researchers who deliver talks on justice and recruit for agencies around the entire country.

Net Price: $6,351/yr.

3. California State University San Bernardino

California State University San Bernardino has a wide-ranging, liberal education core. They have Challenging coursework in criminal justice which includes unique classes such as Criminality across the Life Course; Environmental Crime Prevention etc. Students can also pursue studies of their choice.

Net Price: $6,571/yr.

4. West Virginia University Institute of Technology

They prepare students for careers in law enforcement, homeland security, courts, and corrections. This cheap criminal justice degree associated coursework in sociology, political science, criminal investigation, and psychology help students see the big portrait of crime. Students also complete a 300 contact hour internship in a criminal justice agency that they have in mind.

Net Price: $7,425/yr

5. Indiana University East

In I.U.E students are obligated to take 36 credits for the major that include topics such as Mass Media crime; and Criminal Justice Data, Methods, and Research. Research field experiences allow students to relate their awareness in the real world, gaining valuable understandings, experience, and networks in various opportunities in the field of criminal justice.

Net Price: $7,948/yr

6. Northern Kentucky University

N.K.U prepares students to address crime in their community with an accredited criminal justice degree. Students can pursue a number of meaningful careers in public service, ranging from FBI and Homeland Security personnel to court administration. They also have the opportunity to complete an internship in law enforcement, courts, or human services to acquire experience.

Net Price: $9,044/yr

7. Monroe College

This college is sure to provide proficient insights and connections that will assist students in their careers. Students complete a blend of theoretical and hands-on coursework in criminal justice degree. After graduation, many Monroe students go on to serve their communities through important careers in law enforcement, corrections, and judicial practice, as well as in educational research and teaching.

Net Price: $11,402/y

8. Nevada State College

This is the newest cheap criminal justice degree programs that provide a unique interdisciplinary methodology to public service, including the emerging field of social justice together with global perceptions on crime and law. Comparative Criminal Justice Systems also provide actionable skills and experience that students will carry with them throughout their careers.

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Net Price: $11,611/yr

9. Tarleton State University

T.S.U features one of the unsurpassed criminal justice degree programs for the price They have experienced professionals with numerous years of service in their relevant fields lead courses in topics like criminal evidence, research approaches, and professional writing, all of which guarantee career-forward instruction. Graduates from this University go on to bright futures in law enforcement, corrections, and criminal law.

Net Price: $11,612/yr

10. Calumet College of Saint Joseph

Through practical and theoretical coursework in the study of law and crime, as well as leadership opportunities in and outside of the class, a criminal justice degree from Calumet College of Saint Joseph equips students for careers in many diverse preventative and service capacities. Criminal justice students at Calumet take various classes that cover topics ranging from criminal procedures to serial killers, cults, and juvenile delinquency.

Net Price: $11,644/yr

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