School Hires 30 men to Beat up a Nigerian Student for Flouting the School’s Rule


A Nigerian student in India identified as Ibrahim Diaby Muhammed, has been hospitalized after his school, Roorkee Institute of Technology in Uttarakhand, India, allegedly hired 30 men to beat him up for breaking the school’s rule.

The event that led to the attack is quite sketchy, but according to a source at the shool, Ibrahim reportedly went out with a friend to buy some food stuff and toiletries. The school requires every student to take an out-pass all the time, especially during this pandemic, in order to know who goes out and comes in to prevent the spread of corona virus. They were  disinfected and tested for the virus and it came out negative.;

The matter was settled amicably and everything was fine until the early hours of July 15 when 30 men stormed the hostel to beat him up. The men were allegedly hired by the school management from a certain security company.” 

Ibrahim sustained an head injury as a result of the beating he received, and he is said to be in a critical condition.

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