Week 2 Winners for Myschool CBT Challenge 7

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This is the electronic draw to select winners in the 2nd week of the Myschool CBT Challenge Season 7. Basically, we will be using our electronic spinning wheel to randomly select 20 winners from the top 100 on the Myschool challenge ranking. Remember we had 4 disqualified winners from last week. We will also be announcing those rolled over slots, which make  a total of 24 winners to be announced this week.

Unfortunately, we were unable to execute a live broadcast due to network issues. However, for transparency purpose, we have created a video to show the entire selection process.

Video Announcing Winners

We will match these winning ranks generated randomly with the respective users on the Myschool CBT Ranking for week 48. We will also verify these winners to ensure they complied with all the rules of the competition for week 2. This publication will be updated tomorrow, before 12 noon. We have noticed a bug in our ranking system for ranks that have the same points, especially for high numbered ranks. We hope to resolve this issue tonight and confirm winners by 12 noon tomorrow. Users will also be credited before the end of tomorrow.

In an event where the user did not follow all the rules of the competition, the user will forfeit his/her prize and such prize will be rolled over to the next week. For instance, if we find that 3 of our 20 winners were disqualified for a particular week, it means we will be having 23 winners in the coming week.

New twist in the competition

Truly, we’re enjoying this new method of selecting winners randomly, even though some may argue that the top 20 contestants deserve to always win all the prize money. If we had selected only the top 20 winners every week, we’ll notice that only a set of users will win every week, so if he/she doesn’t win the 1st prize this week, he/she will win the 2nd prize the next week. We don’t want this!

We want to reward as many users as possible in this year’s give away. We believe that if you come top 100 on the Myschool Ranking, you actually did very well, regardless of whether you came 1st or not. Everyone is that ranking range truly deserves a prize. Even in JAMB, people with 180 still end up getting admission. 🙂

So to make the selection a bit fair to top-ranking members, we have now reviewed the random selection to be taken from the top 50 ranking members. This means that our 20 random winners will be selected from a pool of 50 top ranking members. You have to be among the top 50 to be considered for a win.

The top 20 still go home with their fixed prizes but frankly, we don’t want to get the same top winners every week, hence the need to randomize our selection. This should not stop you from aiming for the top 20 positions. We will still reward you every week if you fall in that range.

Join the competition

From the past week, we found that some users took just one good CBT exam to be among the top 50 in the ranking, and qualify for the draws. However, if you need to be among the top 20 who will win a guaranteed prize, you may need to write a few more exams. To get all the details to join the competition right now, kindly click here.

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