Week 3 Winners for Myschool CBT Challenge 7

Posted by Myschool on 8th December, 2020   |   Comments

This is the electronic draw to select winners in the 3rd week of the Myschool CBT Challenge Season 7. Basically, we will be using our electronic spinning wheel to randomly select 20 winners from the top 50 on the Myschool challenge ranking.

Unfortunately, we were unable to execute a live broadcast due to network issues. However, for transparency purpose, we have created a video to show the entire selection process.

Video Announcing Winners

We will match these winning ranks generated randomly with the respective users on the Myschool CBT Ranking for week 49. We will also verify these winners to ensure they complied with all the rules of the competition for week 3. Please watch out for an update to this publication by 5pm today.

In an event where the user did not follow all the rules of the competition, the user will forfeit his/her prize and such prize will be rolled over to the next week. For instance, if we find that 3 of our 20 winners were disqualified for a particular week, it means we will be having 23 winners in the coming week.

Join the competition

The 4th week of the competition is currently ongoing, and if you don’t join now, all the top contestants will leave you behind. Remember, only those who rank 1 – 50 on the Myschool CBT Challenge Ranking will be selected to win for the week. if you need to be among the top 20 who will win a guaranteed prize, you may need to write a few more exams. To get all the details to join the competition right now, kindly click here.

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