Ajayi Crowther University notice to 2019/2020 graduates on bursary final clearance

This is to notify our 2019/2020 graduates that their names have been displayed on the University Website with the remark of either ‘cleared’ or ‘not cleared’.

Those with ‘not cleared’ remark have not been cleared from the Bursary and hence would need to forward evidence of fees paid to date in order to process their Bursary financial clearance.

In the light of the foregoing students concerned are required to scan their paid fees evidence to the following e-mail address: latest by Friday 18th December 2020. The message should clearly show all necessary information that can assist to facilitate the clearance process.

Thereafter, those students will be contacted with feed back through the e-mail address they use to scan and forward their paid fees evidence. Should you require any further clarifications or enquiries, please contact us through the above e-mail address or WhatsApp 08068753469.




Thanks for your cooperation.






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