Final Winners of the Myschool CBT Challenge Season 7

Posted by Myschool on 22nd December, 2020   |   Comments

This is the electronic draw to select final winners of the Myschool CBT Challenge Season 7. Basically, we will be using our electronic spinning wheel to randomly select 20 winners from the top 50 on the Myschool challenge ranking. We hope you found the competition fun enough.

Video Announcing Winners

We will match these winning ranks generated randomly with the respective users on the Myschool CBT Ranking for week 51. We will also verify these winners to ensure they complied with all the rules of the competition. This will be updated tomorrow, 22nd Dec, 2020.

In an event where the user did not follow all the rules of the competition, the user will forfeit his/her prize. Since this is the final week of the competition. There will be no rollover of prizes.

Any suggestions for future competitions?

We understand that not all competitors are happy with the entire process of the competition for the Myschool CBT Challenge Season 7. This is why we always need your input. Please do tell us all the issues you faced, if it has still not been resolved, and let us have any suggestions you would like us to implement in future competitions.

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