Proposed ECOWAS fuel grade will affect low-income earners – Motor dealers

The Association of Motor Dealers of Nigeria, AMDON has called for a halt to the implementation of the proposed Economic Community of West African (ECOWAS) fuel grade and vehicle emission standards regulation which is due for implementation from January 2021, arguing that the policy will negatively impact low- income earners.

The association at a press conference in Abuja noted that the proposed regulations as recommended by ECOWAS’ consultant contain errors which if implemented will have an adverse effect on Nigeria’s economy in every stratum of life.

The proposed fuel grade and vehicle emission standards regulations is a decision by ECOWAS ministers in consideration of the Final Report by ECOWAS consultant which recommends new fuel and diesel specifications and vehicle emission standards for ECOWAS countries.

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If the regulation comes into full effect, the ECOWAS commission will issue a ‘directive’ to member countries to restrict the importation of passenger vehicles of no more than five years old and heavy-duty vehicles of no more than 10 years old.

“The implementation of the regulation will have significant negative socio-economic consequences for Nigerian consumers, along with minimal environmental and health benefits,” said Ajibola Adedoyin, national president of AMDON.

Adedoyin noted that the implementation of the five-year, 10- year vehicle age importation restriction by ECOWAS would have a substantial upward impact on the cost of motor vehicles for Nigerians considering the current state of the national economy.

He said further assessment of the proposed ECOWAS regulations as recommended, revealed many errors and inconsistencies.

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