Federal Polytechnic, Bali notice to staff and students

Posted by Vek Tor on 30th December, 2020   |   Comments

In compliance with the circular reference no. HCSF/3065/VOL.1/47 dated 22nd December, 2020, this is to communicate same to staff on CONTEDISS/CONPCASS II and below to stay and work from home for a period of S weeks with effect from 23d December, 2020

2. To this end, all Staff and Students are expected to resume on 18 January, 2020 for normal Academics and other activities.

3. Officers on CONTEDISS/CONPCASS 12 and above are expected to observe and adhere to the Covid -19 protocols while discharging their duties during the period.

4. Above is for your nothing and compliance, please

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