At 87, Legendary Larry King is dead

Larry King, the host of the show Larry King Live is dead. Larry, the 87-year-old was previously admitted into a hospital in Los Angeles after he tested positive to COVID-19.

King has had lung and prostate cancer for a while and had also survived a heart attack in 1987. In 2019, he experienced a near lethal stroke and the result of that was admission for weeks because he was in coma.

King lost his two children in 2020 Chaia King (daughter) and Andy King (son), who both passed on in summer within three weeks.

“Andy passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack on July 28th, and Chaia passed on August 20th, only a short time after having been diagnosed with lung cancer” he said in the statement he released after their demise.

King was born Lawrence Zeiger in Brooklyn, New York and began his career as a journalist after moving to Florida.

HE began his career in radio, scoring his first on-air appearance in 1957 and proceeded to use the name Larry King for his show as advised by his station manager.

The Larry King Show ran from 1978 until 1994 and continued while working in TV. He began Larry King Live on CNN in 1985 and that shot him up to the feat he achieved and birthed his consistent trajectory to the prominence he enjoyed till his death.

He will be sourly missed.

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