Difference Between JAMB Admission List And School Admission List

Were you offered admission on JAMB CAPS portal but you are not seeing the admission on the school portal/website? Or were you offered admission on the school website/portal but on checking JAMB CAPS portal, you are still seeing “Not Admitted”? If you are facing any of the situation above then continue reading this post as we have provided you an answer that will clarify your doubts.

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This is a notice to all those who are still confused as to the difference between admission on JAMB CAPS and the one on school portal that we have provided the answer here in this post.

These are questions and concerns that has been raised by many persons who may have seen their admission on JAMB CAPS portal but not yet on the school portal or website, they are still seeing Not admitted, No admission is given yet or Admission still in progress.

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Difference Between JAMB Admission and School Admission

Is JAMB admission list same thing with school admission list? YES. if you are offered admission on JAMB CAPS portal, definitely you will be offered admission as well on the school portal. So, to answer it simply, there is no difference. Why? Let us consider how the admission processes are been handled.

Stage 1. People will register for Jamb during Jamb registration and all they details will be stored on Jamb website concerning the school and course they chose during registration .

Stage 2. When the time for Postume comes, JAMB will then compile the names of those that applied in each school and send them to each of the Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education involved.

Stage 3. Each school will then use those names and conduct Post UTME or screening as the case may be.

Stage 4. Schools will now compile the names of those that perform well in they screening which they have considered for admission or have given admission and send it to JAMB for uploading on their portal..

Last Stage. JAMB will now upload the admission list sent to them by the school on their portal so that candidates can be able to print their admission letter.

Those are the steps involved in given admission which in essence means that if you are offered admission first either by your school or on JAMB CAPS portal; There are the same admission provided the one offered by your school was checked and seen on the school portal.

Is It JAMB that gives admission or the school? JAMB don’t give admission, but rather send names to school for admission.

Hope you are now clear on your doubts, do you still have more question?  Comment it below and I will try and respond as soon as I can.

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