OkadaBooks for the Weekend Featuring: Brimstones and Rainbows by Ololade Akintoye, Blessed Among Monkeys, and To Love Again

Ingenuity, an alluring love story and a daring fight for survival, this weekend collection has them all. These are wholesome books for you to read on the OkadaBooks mobile app this weekend. Dive in!

Blessed Among Monkeys by Ikechukwu Okolo friends graduate from the university to meet a crashing economy in the “real” world. With no job forthcoming, the boys invent a software capable of siphoning money from bank accounts within seconds, undetected. As they set out to render the whole world broke, they soon discover the real enemy to contend with is themselves. Read More.

2. To Love Again by Judith Olisa After the death of his wife and two kids, James decides to relocate to another country. His secretary, Joke, who has secretly loved him for years, follows him all the way to Clarkstown, NY. Will James be able to overcome the pain and grief of his loss to love again? Read More.

3. Brimstones and Rainbows by Ololade Akintoye lost everything in the village of Ojiji, Ruby, an orphaned child bride suffering from obstetric fistula, a debilitating complication of childbirth, sets out for the city of Eko on a path to healing, recovery and a chance at uncovering what else lies at the other side of life. Read More.

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