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Having the basic knowledge of computer, becomes a necessity and with importance in today’s Social, Political and Educational sector of the world. The workplace today is 95% computerized. “no matter where you find employment, there is a good chance a computer will be a basic tool you will have to use. A book that used to be a necessity to education has become a computer. Exams are being taking through the computer and people are getting educated also. You cannot have a business and be a business without the use of a computer. Interconnect information technology company (IITC), is a technology company that innovate create and educate.  manages flexible, innovative and high performing technologies and other computer facilities solutions that help organizations to create sustainable competitive advantage and achieve business objectives. IITC presently operate in Abuja, Kano and Kaduna with over 500 computers per center. IITC main computer objective is to be the leading innovative technology company with footprints spread in both northern and southern part of the country. IITC ensures quality computer-based exam like JAMB and first-hand knowledge on computer literacy practical and theoretical aspect with various training, programming and computer certificates.